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Ship Comparison Matrix

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from this Spectrum thread  https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/a-ship-comparison-matrix-with-other-org-related-fu


My org has been busy making a better ship guide and comparison matrix based off on google data studio. Thanks to the recent changes in the ship matrix, we have been able to put together a report that Orgs can use to merge their own Org data with Ship data from the RSI website. All the data is pulled from the RSI website, but with some minor tweaking to make everything fit and be more understandable.


A Ship VS Ship comparison tab is available to compare ships side by side, showing all necessary stats to make fleet management, and maybe, assisting in procurement of new ships. 


A fleet/org management option is also included, like a personnel management spreadsheet to help orgs manage their ranks. 


A weapons and missiles tab, which displays size, damage, ammo speed, weapon fire rate, etc. is included as well.


The report can also be customized, copied, edited with your own Org data, and be able to put your own logo with instructions on how to do so. 


Me and my Orgmates hope this will be a really good tool everyone can use this coming anniversary sale to help fellow citizens in getting that ship youve been looking for. 


this looks like a useful tool  https://datastudio.google.com/u/0/reporting/1NMIjXFanElcUOVKDeZrNy4VpQsEbK6-T/page/o6IK


it appears that we can make a copy of this for our own use - do we have anyone willing to dig into this and take the lead on seeing if we should use it or do something similar?


Making a copy of this report and customize it to your own org!

1. Make a copy of the base spreadsheet used for this report.
  b. At the spreadsheet menu, choose File -> Make a copy...
  c. Add your org name, add ship quantities, org members, etc.
2. Make a copy of each of the datasources used in the report:
ShipMatrix    Members    Missiles    Weapons
For each datasource above:
  a. go to the datasource, use the copy option
  b. edit the datasource to reconnect to your spreadsheet copy
  c. Click on Reconnect
3. Copy this report.
  a. File -> Make a copy...
  b. when prompted for a datasources, replace them with your newly created datasources from step 2.
4. Now play with the data and report to customize to your liking. change logo, banner name etc. 
5. Done! Use the share option to share with friends and org members.
HSG is recruiting. Awesome adventures await. To Join, visit our org page on the RSI website.
If you like this report, please come by to say hi on the HSG Discord Server. We'd like to see what you can do with your reports. If you have any questions about this report, feel free to drop us a question there.
If you have questions about Data Studio, which is the tool used for this report, check out their Forum orHelp Center.


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That's a very useful tool. Nice find!


I got a bit of a laugh from this part of the message:


11 hours ago, ichi said:

If you like this report, please come by to say hi on the HSG Discord Server. We'd like to see what you can do with your reports.


"HSG -- The report creating org!" If that doesn't make you want to join, I don't know what will ;-) I wonder if they make you file TPS reports  :-)



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