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Starfarer 3.0 - The Cow of the skies.

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As my weapon of choice I was keen to see just how the Starfarer was going to handle in 3.0. Specifically landing in tight spots, on planets and in limited visibility conditions. I think anybody who thought the larger ships were going to be simpler, easier or more manageable is going to be brutally disappointed. I appreciate there will be some increased FPS, finessing and polishing of the game to come, but in all honesty, its going to take a lot more skill than I suspect a lot of us appreciated. AND the Starfarer isnt even the biggest thing we can drive. Limited views, incredibly sloppy handling and poor throttle response are just a few of the things you can look forward to. The fighters will be a doddle compared to the big ships.


I realised pretty quicky that I was going to have to be repeatedly punching F4 to see as much as I could just to tweak movement and landing. Even then, there is still an element of guess work. The smaller the ship, the simpler the task. The bigger the canopy, the better the view and the simpler the maneuvering.  The Starfarer works best when it has the time to make a VERY controlled maneuver, at slow speeds and frequent use of the F4 to see as many different angles as you can. In flight refueling? Well I suspect just sitting there like a Fuel pump is going to be by far the simplest option. Some of the smaller ships are a sheer joy compared to landing the Starfarer at a Station or on a Pad. I can forsee quite a lot of Starfarer owners needing to practice all kinds of things they're going to be asked to do.


Having said that, as a blunt object the 'farer isnt something you want to be in the way of. It will flatten most objects it comes across ;)

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I hope youre right, but I'll wait and see how much they add ;) Handling characteristics alone mean this is going  to take a lot more planning than we probably envisaged. Having said that, It's going to take us all time to practice so we can work together :) Good luck to Polaris & Idris drivers lol.

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I spent a lot of time in 2.6.3 practicing putting the StarG nose on the deck and spinning it, landing it upside down, all kinds of silly games, and it handles significantly worse in 3.0


Seems like a lot of that is game jitters and netcode, lag and FPS issues.  I expect it'll improve.  How much it'll improve, no way to know


But I do think you're right about this game being harder than most people think, folks are going to die from lack of oxygen and from running into things or getting run over by Starfarers :)

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