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ATV Anniversary Special - Roberts Space Industries

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18 hours ago, RSLtaken said:

 Orion is now 340 meters :) so not all bad. 

Obviously not much can be done in terms of size when the design requires to accommodate spaces that wasn't apparent in the concept stage. 

But I can't see any benefits being a bigger target and having to maneuver a bigger ship through the asteroid fields. Having the same functionality.

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1 hour ago, Drakin said:

I have an Orion and I feel like it's going to be a bit scary to take it out now, sort of the way I'd feel if someone handed me the keys to a giant container ship and said "go for it, take her for a spin!"

On the bright side the Orion comes with blind spot monitoring ;P . As long as you stay away from; space anomalies, large capital ships playing chicken, bustling cities, a swarm of auroras playing chicken, and sludge-leaking starfarers you should be fine.

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29 minutes ago, RSLtaken said:

Congrats LordSeb. Lets hope your a better doctor, than I am pilot. 

:D let's hope I am also a better doctor than a pilot. Sorry I deleted the comment to shift it over to the right thread (half asleep posting). I am going to be fascinated how they deal with the ships yet to come. If the Orion got blown out to 340 metres, Carrack out to about 175 metres. I wonder what we are going to be looking at for the bigger vessels like the Endeavor that are still in conceptish stage. They will no doubt have a lot of rooms all requiring a nudge here or there to work properly. I am very excited. I just jumped into arena commander with my loaner starfarer and my mind is just blown at how big the damn thing is doing an EVA. It is just amazing, I have always wanted to fly such large cap ships from the likes of Star Lancer, Free Lancer, X-Wing Alliance etc etc and here it is all happening. Beautiful enormous interactive cap ships.


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