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YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship

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Voting Ends December 11th


Greetings Citizens

To cap off our Anniversary Special this week, we gathered developers on Happy Hour to discuss options of the next Drake vehicle to enter the ship pipeline.


During the show, viewers helped narrow the choices down to three prospective options, as potential design aspects were discussed for each one.

Now, and through December 11th, we are opening the voting to all Star Citizen backers to decide which of these options will become a reality. Each ship represents a different aspect of Star Citizen’s gameplay, and while all would make fantastic additions to our universe, only one will be voted in by you, the members of our community.


If you’d like to know more about each ship option before voting, we recommend watching our Happy Hour Gamedev special that was aired live on Twitch and Youtube.


Thank you for helping make this another fantastic anniversary for our project.




  • A one man salvage starter ship, no drones but plenty of on-board storage to help with EVA salvage operations (space for cutters, charges etc) and space in a separate area to store/process the recovered salvage. Mostly designed for the player to EVA out and do the salvage, rather than sit inside and do it with tractor beams/lasers. Small enough to sneak into hostile areas unnoticed to recover fresh salvage.


  • Drake’s competitor to the Constellation, the rough and ready multi-crew explorer. Differs from the 600i by its crude basic construction and from the Constellation by its lower missile count, but with a third turret to make up for it. Able to transport a vehicle and cargo (think extended/up-scaled Cutlass rear area) faster and more nimble than the others, but like all Drake ships pretty paper thin.


  • Drake’s capital ship entry, space to park and store a few medium ships (up to Freelancer-sized) and transport them around the verse. Serves as a mobile truck stop in function with a small hub of stores (some less than legit) to help restock.


What Should the Next Drake Ship Be?

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1 hour ago, Silas said:

Business model.

Create a poll to gauge interest on three spitball ideas.

Generate conversations / Interest. 

Make all three.

I think they just move the other ships to RSI, MISC or AEGIS, or one of the others. They knew that the Drake Capital ship would win. They are giving the pirates a mobile base because they don't have the UEE land claim. I think Drake will get the salvage ship at some point. But I think the other might get moved.  


But that ship going to be as big as a Javelin if not bigger. I say it going to be $3000 when they sell it. 

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Capital or the connie alternative.................. But they have the Caterpillar........ Gawwwww................................ But a drake connie would tear things up and probably have hull plates fall off it..... mmmmmmmmm......... But a Drake capital ship would wreck many a pilots day. Hmmmmmmmm......... This is two hard to choose. 2 or 3.


Ok I am shrugging at the salvage ship. There is a salvage vessel in the verse, there will probably be more later and the Cutlass can do plenty of things. All you need to do is shove things into its cargo bay, hope the back of the craft doesn't come off because the cargo isn't held down and wallah take it to were it needs to go. In the end I voted for the capital ship. A. Drake doesn't have a capital ship, I think most companies do or something sufficiently big you may as well call it a cap. B. We don't really have a truck stop/vehicle transport ship in game yet. C. It has onboard stores so you could call it a shonkey merchantman. D I think it fills a void in their lineup.

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Under Drake forums / We lost the Falcon:
Phenomenal post here Concerning the Corsair said it best in my own humble opinion.
(small part of me thinks that this might not work out due to it being --One ship that can do it all--) 

Jonathan Vane

"What I Imagined was three automated turrets. Either controlled from a gunners station or that can be computer controlled (server blade). 

Low profile gun mounts. twin S4 turret mounted slightly forward of midship on top.

Two twin S3 turrets mounted in serial behind it, but the rear two turrets each mounted on a rail that runs from one side of the ship over the top to the other side of the ship. Like the moving turret on the back of the Javelin. Turrets can move to affect fire. Each of the back two slightly off center to provide intense forward or rear fire. Can be slung to the sides for side and and shooting below. 

Another pair of fixed S3s mounted in the cheeks of the ship. 

One torpedo tube Size 6. holding 4/5 torpedos in a stacked magazine.. fire one.. the next drops in. 

No missiles. 

Oversized engines... able to out run a 600i 

Shielded cargo 

Optional rover - 4 man / turret / 2 SCU cargo. Fast. cross between a cyclone and an Ursa. 

Scanning equipment for exploration... maybe not as good as the Aquila equipment... but its better in certain ways.. than others

(long range detection to aid in smuggling / danger avoidance) 

Extended range tanks 

No sub fighter 

Initially developed to explore dangerous space , tough cargo runs, and do Search and Rescue in hostile situations.
but makes for a nice.... 

blockade runner/smuggler/ hunter-killer / dangerous space expedition 


A juiced Mill Falcon. You know she's gotta be fast to do the kessel run in under 12 parsecs "


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