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Crytek Money Grab

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It thousands of lawsuit filed every year by company's. A lot of them are baseless and do not win, lots never even get to court. Bankrupt company's do this all the time. Last grab for money before they go under. Crytek is just trying to make some bad press and hoping CIG give them a little money to fck off, to stop the bad press. That what I think Crytek is trying to do.


It been over a year from when star citizen changed over to Lumberyard. If they had a contract, why did they not file a lawsuit sooner. As they would of known before us that CIG was changing to Lumberyard. So they would of had even longer to file the lawsuit. If CIG didn't have the rights to work on SQ42 why did they not say sooner (like when CIG said they was going to Lumberyard). After all this is a company that do not have the money to pay stuff for months. You think they might of went "wait a second you don't have the rights to do that, You have to pay us to do that". So they could pay their staff, but no. It just smells like a money grab so the Directors have some money to leave with.  


As for the Facewear tech and sharing the code. That down to when they started working with them. Because if it started after CIG signed the deal with Amazon then Crytek don't have a leg to stand on. If CIG started working with them before that. What work they was doing with each other. If the other company had rights to work on the Cryengines or even if they had to do work in Cryengine. If CIG gave them any info on the base Cryengine. Or even if they need the code at all to do the work they did. I don't see why CIG would have to give Facewear that info on Cryengine as it is old engine and the info should be easy to find. CIG might need to give Facewear info on the changes they made to the engine but Crytek do not own that code.


As for SQ42 and CIG not having the rights to use the Cryengine to make assets for SQ42. We just have to wait and see. But if they didn't have the rights to work on two games. The question is when was SQ42 and star citizen first sold with out each other. As long as they are being sold as part of the same package they can be counted as part of the same game. As the two games are part of the same universe using a lot of the same assets and was sold as part of the same package (but that a long shot). Also as all assets in SQ42 is also being used in star citizen, they can claim that assets was made for star citizen and was not made just for SQ42. Also as all assets CIG have made have been getting update and have been reworked to make them look better and work with item system 2.0. Non of the assets that was around before CIG owned the rights (2013 or 2016 Lumberyard) would ever make it in to sq42 at any point. So they was not be SQ42 assets, they would just be unused game assets that could of been for star citizen just as easy as sq42. And the final assets would of been made on Lumderyard not Cryengine.


Crytek is just Crying out because they are going under. SQ42 been around for year and they have not said a word about CIG not having the rights to work on it. CIG left them a year ago for lumberyard and they still did not say anything. It just a desperate grab for money. From a company that knows they are going under and don't care anymore what people think, because they know no one will buy Cryengine at this point.  

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