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Tactical Advance

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3.0 Cutlass Black

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And lo it has come to pass that on this day I completed a faultless mission using a Cutlass. It wasnt very difficult, collect some cargo and transport it elsewhere. Interestingly though there were a couple of chaps who decided to try & drop me out of Quantum. It worked - twice, but judicious use of the afterburner and re-jumping solved the issue. The Cutlass has performed flawlessly. It is agile enough without being twitchy. Fast enough without being silly. Comfortably maneuverable while still being predictable and docile. It has very adequate firepower AND a turret should it be needed. Cargo is proportionate and easily accesable.


Compared to a Freelancer, personally while I have both a Max & Dur, I am giving serious though to converting something else into a Cutlass Black - simply because it is so friendly and easy to use. 8-)

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