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Plated Perpetual Plan of Pandering to out of proportionate splattage.

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Endeavour Hope class w/ Telescope
Vanguard Bombers
Vanguard Dropships X?  (W/ complement)

Tumbril Nova X3     (9)
Tumbril Cyclone ReconX1   (2)
Tumbril Turret X2   (3)
Tumbril AA X1  (2)

15 Dumbasses (For thinking this was a good idea.)  (Because Plated-Logic)

Tumbril Nova X3     (9)
Tumbril Cyclone ReconX1   (2)
Tumbril Turret X2   (3)
Tumbril AA X1  (2)

15 Dumbasses (For thinking this was a good idea.)  (Because Plated-Logic)
Op 1:
Idris slowly descends into atmosphere and lumbering unloads it's hungry pack of man eating badgers into the realm of the enemy before chuckling quietly to itself and lifting back into the air to begin using it's huge AF cannon as Bombardment from outer-atmousphere. 

Landing Pattern 2:
Fly like an irrational man with his pants on fire down to the planet, opening ramp prematurely and allowing vehicles to drive out of the rear whilst in low atmosphere. A recommendation of a 30 M drop at a maximum speed of 20M/s. Kindly angle the ship irrationally to compensate for the downward angle of the ramp, to allow vehicles to drop and hopefully land on the horizontal plain, as opposed to face planting into the ground and becoming the equivalent of fence posts in the terrain. (Preffered Plated Doctrine)


Idris Primary Designation:
Erradication of power supply / source for deactivation of modules detrimental to operating personelle.

Nova /Tonk Primary Designation SQ1:
The removal of armourered threats / stationary buildings of 'Safety' Should the situation change to encounter vehicular resistence Primary will designate unto them, This also applies to "Air" targets.

Cyclone Turret X2 Designation SQ1:
Anti infantry support coupled with Flanking manuvers. Primary doctrine to down Targets before securing them for Capture. Men are to stay with the cyclone at all times, However may disembark for cover leaving the turret operator to "Lock down" a place. However this tact is both encouraged and frowned upon due to the now immobile cyclone becoming an emplacement thus easy to flank or attack. If should a doctrine is adopted, operators are encouraged to remain within 25 M of the vehicle at all times.


Cyclone Recon Sq1:
Primary objective: 
Scout the area and potentially jam comms. The use of "Rick rolling" Over the radio to drown out noise is neither condoned, or encouraged. Provide infantry fire support as needed. Sniper rifles may be used to provide assistance from afar.

Cyclone AA X1 SQ1:
Provide anti air coverage, utilise the Recon & any other notions of information gathering to maintain a secure coverage. High terrain with cover is encouraged, slightly adrift from the immediate combat zone. Sniper rifles may be used to provide assistance. Team will be attached to the Recon variant in SQ1.

SQ2: designation:
Rince and repeat as above, provide assistance, or operate same protocol elsewhere. Potentially sit in reserve.

Endeavour Designation:
To remain as a respawn hub in space, protected by Idris in formational pattern, Utilising telescope to designate targets and place objectives to the ground below. Flagship. (BECAUSE WHY T/F WOULD YOU THINK THE COMMAND WAS ON HERE WHEN IT'S NEXT TO A F**KING IDRIS?!?!?)

Idris Secondary Designation:
Implement landing for Phase one before utilising recon of ground & Space to bombard with main cannon, provide auxiliary support to local endeavour Via secondary guns. 

Optimum result:
S**t is f**ked up. Clean up crew in the form of a reclaimer & various transport ships confiscate of value. Avengers lower to planet surface in the aftermath to secure prisoners and retain profit from the warzone Via bounty hunting means.

Long Live the UEE.

I want to f**k s**t up already.



Terms and conditions apply, These writing are the ravings of a madman and may not be suited for actual military application. Detrimental affects to vehicles and ships are not considered and the writer will not be held responsible for any detrimental effects to personelle or assets in the implementation of these manuvers and or random acts. All personelle are to be made aware as to the mental nature of the man hatching this plan in conjunction with the notion that whilst the manufacturer of this plan may be unhappy to be made privy to the potential after effects of such a notion should they be negative in outcome, in utilising this theory to it's doctrine you are hereby agreeing upon the notion in a contractual nature that Platedwolf and #Platedlogic are not liable for any unfortunate happenstance and that in conjunction that ~platedlogic and Platedwolf are infact perfectly within their rights to steal your thunder in the aftermath of any ensured success with the words:
"b***h, I am the brains behind this AHM A FUKKEN GENIUSSezz!"


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