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3.0 Cargo Trading

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Thanks Roy - All I did was copy & paste for our beneit ;) But it does offer information that can be banked for later use. Dylan posted it because he was getting a lot of scepticism. He also posted a screenshot of his account showing he has already made his first million in the current cargo mechanic - DESPITE the glitches :)

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can get WiDoW to go to grim hex or levski from this location:



Triangulation coordinates for secret drug lab on Yela are as follows:
First, you want to QT to Yela and then short jump to OM-4.
From there, point directly at OM-6 and fly toward it until you are
350 km from OM-6 and 380 km from OM-4.  Then turn toward the planet and fly
somewhere in the general direction of the centre.  OMs are geosynchronous.

At this point, you simply to balance out the distances of the locations listed below.  
There is only one location on the moon where these 3 distances will intersect, 
so this negates any possiblility of being in the wrong spot.

There is actually a mission that will give you a way point to this lab as well,

Benson Mining Outpost - 414.6 km
Nakamura Valley Emergency Shelter - 311.9 km
Talarine Divide Emergency Shelter - 433.0 km



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