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Around the Verse - 2017 Retrospective

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From Alpha 2.6 to Alpha 3.0, Star Citizen has seen a lot of changes throughout 2017. Join Chris Roberts, Sandi Gardiner and the rest of the team as they take a look at highlights from the year that was in this retrospective.

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Not sure how I feel about this, reminding me what they havent done? Just because 3.0 is here, there is still plenty of work to do yet. Especially as 3.0 "was" stable, but right now getting disconnected is becoming increasingly common. One drop has cost me well over 1,000 coins because I had a bit of cargo onboard at the time.


Edit:- 2nd drop cost me 5,000, 3rd event was some jerk ramming me and costing me 12k. Hopefully these idiots will appreciate their crime stat at a later date. I will gladly pay money to put a bounty on people's heads :)

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