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The Karmic Wheel.

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Today while doing my regular 3 stop cargo run I encountered a problem. I couldnt get my Mobi Glass to pull up the Quantum Jump points. Fairly crucial as we all know. I was sitting on 46 SCU of high value cargo I had just bought and was facing a restart and blowing the lot. I popped a question into chat and a very nice person told me to just press the F2 button instead. He was right, I jumped to Olisar and made a nice profit!


5 Minutes later he had grounded his ship on a rock and couldnt get up the rear ramp. He was in the local of my cargo run. So, I dropped my cargo, jumped out to his location and put my ramp down. He got on board and then I maneuvered my Cutlass so he could get back into his one - also full of cargo.


Moral of the story - remember your deeds will follow you. He helped me & in return I was obliged to return the favour. Both of us gained, nobody lost and I have someone new on my contacts list. It is always worth seeing who is in chat because odds are they might know something you dont.


Stay safe out there and avoid the idiots ;)

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