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Excellent video showing performance of 3.0 on different hardware

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I don't know how anyone can have a gaming rig without SSD at this point. Once you have SSD you'll never go back.


I buy mechanical hard drives only for my RAID servers and backup drives now. I wouldn't even consider using anything other than an SSD for a primary drive on any computer.

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6 minutes ago, Tactical Advance said:

Humm.  We know the SSD makes a difference but looking at FPS with ram.  You can login 5-6 times each time the FPS will be different, mainly due to the server your on.   


Yeah, I just upgraded to an NVMe drive, and jumped into SC and got very poor performance, but I have no idea if that was the server or if something is screwy my end.

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37 minutes ago, Roy said:


I'd say - check userbenchmark - no harm I hope :)  http://www.userbenchmark.com/


I found that site earlier when DivoH posted his specs earlier, it is great! I bought the NVMe drive, but found the performance was only about 30% above my SSD's, although SC did seem to run smoother on it. I found my mobo is cr*p and runs the NVMe at a much reduced rate. I ordered a PCIe to NVMe adapter and put it in today and it is massively faster on benchmarks, I was just disappointed by SC. Hopefully the servers were having bad day.

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