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My PC build

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Hey everyone,


I just bought a Thermotake x5 PC case, so i thought i would add my PC specs!





Intel i7-4790K

MSI GTX 1070 with 8GB ram


18GB DDR3 ram (1 2GB, 2 4GB 1 8GB) (found the 2GB as a spare laying round)

Windows 10 (Pro if that matters)

2 128GB SSD's (one operated my OS the other SC :P

2* 500GB HDD (currently one but i found another in storage - have to wipe it first)




Currently not water cooled (long term goal)

Would love to hear your recommendations!



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Personally I like the redundancy of a single SSD with a spare if one pops. Is all the RAM the same speed? If not, match the speeds or just upgrade to 16GB initially 32GB when funds allow :). I run a pair of 4TB WD mirrored. I like my redundancy for storage, your two 500GB would give you redundant storage too. Very pretty case.

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16 hours ago, Roy said:

you didn't mention mobo ... I'd say if it is possible at all - make stripe (raid 0) 256 GB out of your 128 x2 ... and ensure that you back it up to 1Tb frequently enough

Whoops! mb  it is an MSI z97s sli krait edition (black and white)


I might do a raid setup but right now i need more storage than i need speed, my first SSD is dedicated  to to OS and small quality of life programs, while my 2nd SSD is for running SC (as long as SC stays under 120 GB OFC (which it wont))


Then i have a 500 GB HD which is mostly just standard Steam/Origin/Uplay games and my latest edition is a 1TB hardrive for productivity such as my blender projects/videos/animations.


Here is my benchmark using the same program as FC5



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