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Ship destroyed on pad?

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8 minutes ago, Lumpy said:

I could have sworn that Arc Corp Mining was a safe zone. Lost about 4000ue worth of cargo. Some dumb ass  blew up my ship there. Am I missing something?


It could be that shooting is forbidden around Arc Corp .. but normally it is just a 2500 m zone .. so if someone has decent guns and is not afraid to get crime rate he could shoot from outside of safe bubble ... but most probably you can't shoot only around arc-corp (like 500m ) and not 2.5 km out of it



anyway - just one more good reason to fly levski :)

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I'll never understand the feeble mind that gets joy out of things like this.  You must be right, I couldn't draw my hand gun but his ship was firing no problem.  It seemed closer than 2500m but hard to tell. Oh well, online gaming.  I couldn't sell for profit at Levski so tried Ar Corp...my mistake :beaten:

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