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Org Behaviour Guidelines

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It has come to my attention that certain comments have been made in chat of an un ORG nature.


I'd like to remind people that this should be a place of safety and a non judgemental environment please. While there will aways be a degree of laisez faire for amusement, some behaviours are clearly not acceptable.


Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse.


Members must respect one another and show understanding, tolerance, and patience.


How you present yourself directly affects your reputation and the reputation of the Org.

Behaving in a mature and respectful way will allow you to gain the respect of friends, enemies, and strangers.

It is important to remember that your decisions and actions reflect not only upon yourself but also upon those around you.

Be thoughtful and polite, act professionally.


Ownership – Ownership is a concept we hold dearly within Tactical Advance.

We take ownership of our actions, our roles, our business relations, our fun and most importantly our mistakes in the highest regard.




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