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Problem with "General Questions & Chat" section

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Every time I open this section it puts in my last post to GQC? I have just deleted the "Last post" stuff, so will post this to see if it happens again; brb


Okay. It seems not to be repeating my "Last post" now, so a glitch.


Not sure I explained the problem very well .... So, ASK ;-)

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7 hours ago, AthomSmasher said:

General Questions & Chat ............................ Roy :-o

;-) :x ;-)


Errm .. so every time you open GQC  it puts your last post in GQC ?   Are you talking about the funny glitch last text you typed in the editor is copied in the editor here ? If yes - it is browser sided buffering issue that stalks current release of ipboards .. ignore it :)

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