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Patch 3.01 in Evocati .... Allegedly

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Supposed patch notes:

  • Players should no longer be sorted into races that have already started, causing an error code.
  • Speculative fix for ships missing items.
  • Reputation should now persist between player sessions.
  • Fix for ship EMP weapons charging much faster than intended.
  • Fix for certain weapon families starting at max spread and recovering significantly slower than expected.
  • When trying on/inspecting clothes your face should no longer be illuminated by helmet lights that aren't there.
  • Fix for ships duplicating if changes were made to the pledge while an insurance claim was being made.
  • Admin NPCs should now accept boxes and allow players to complete related missions.
  • Boxes placed on admin counters should no longer fall through to the floor.
  • REC rented items should no longer invalidate prior rentals and rentals with time remaining from the prior patch should now be available.
  • Carryable crates dropped from vehicle destruction in excess of SCU crates in Cargo Grids will now spawn on positions of Cargo Grids instead of near world origin.
  • Players should no longer be able to break their character and be stuck spawning as a white sphere

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