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Aegis Vulcan now on sale ($200)

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Make versatility a reality with the 2948 Vulcan from AEGIS Dynamics. A support ship redefining the three R’s to mean -- Refuel. Repair. Rearm. 


Refuel stranded ships or top off those running dangerously low. Focused design from famed AEGIS engineer Parnell Rowan means the Vulcan is ready to work for you. Whether on a refueling run or hauling supplies in the rear cargo hold, the word that might best embody the Vulcan is resourceful. 


Repair damaged ships without risking a spacewalk. The Vulcan comes standard with BARD drones and support stations to oversee repairs. Built in drone launchers makes their deployment possible even under stressful situations. Another tool on the Vulcan’s versatile utility belt. 


Rearm others when needed most. Balancing fire power and protection, the Vulcan holds its own in a scrap. Countless UEE Navy pilots can attest to its capabilities, as the ship has been a battlefield staple for centuries.



For more information (and to buy it) go here.

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I think this is probably one of the really important ships in the game. The gameplay opportunities it offers either in civilian or military life are very wide. Couldnt resist one for my hanger as it rounds out a very flexible and useful setup. I was looking at a Crucible and while this will only offer a percentage of that capacity, it offers more opportunities at a much lower price poing AND crewing requirement. This ship for me was a must have. The fact I get a uniform to look like a Thunderbird was just the icing on the cake..... FAB :)

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I put another CCU on top of the poor Terrapin ,LOL is living up to his name, and another on top of the MIS. There be lots and lot of Vulcans in the game, I'm geesing.


You can't put a dedicated Starfarer to follow the lead ship of your crazy adventures. Except you have a very big ship to refuel, not my case.  

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