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RTV Performance & Optimization Question

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Hey guys, I posted a question for the RTV on Performance & Optimization tomorrow. I'd really appreciate if you can vote it up as it is a question I've wondered about for a LONG time.


The question I wrote is posted as [TAC] Kelgar_Drakin and the text is:


Can you speak generally to what strategies CIG might employ to work around the inherent latency between regions (US, Europe, Asia, etc) so as to make FPS and dogfighting both fair and playable for everyone across all regions in a future single shard environment? In short, do you think it is even theoretically possible to have a single shard for the whole world that will be both fair and playable for all?


Here's the link to the forum topic: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/spectrum/community/SC/forum/3/thread/questions-needed-performance-optimization



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I was trying to find it and couldn't.


There is a similar one:

"Will server meshing be used to attempt a single worldwide server shard? or is ping (server-server, server-user) an unbreakable barrier? (min 66ms from side to side of the Earth in lab conditions)"

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