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Refueling Official Detail

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I found this illuminating and very interesting. Finally detail and very useful detail too. I am very glad I am the owner of both a Dur & Starfarer :) Form an orderly queue and no pushing at the pumps :-D


A small part of the page -


Ships either have a Fuel Intake, do not have one, or have the option to equip one. To determine which ships fell into which category, we looked at their intended careers and roles, as detailed in the Shipyard series.


Combat (Short Range) – The in-game equivalent of a carrier based ship, such as the Gladius and Hornet. These ships will not come with nor have the ability to equip Fuel Intakes.


Combat (Long Range) – These ships, like the Vanguard and Retaliator, will have Intakes as their role requires them to traverse long distances.


Exploration – These ships will have Fuel Intakes by default. Their very nature dictates that they can travel long distances, well away from the nearest refueling location.


Industrial & Transport – Typically, these ships will have Fuel Intakes by default, as again they are required to travel long distances.


Support – Naturally, the Starfarer and most other ships in this career will retain them as they’ll often be expected to execute long distance and extended duration missions.


Competition – These ships will vary depending on their type. Some ships, like the Razor, feature technology that allows them to refuel, whereas others, like the M50, deal with the issue differently by having larger fuel tanks.

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I think we're going to find that refueling is going to be critical to most things. Quantum fuel ONLY available from Cry Astro and the like? Think about how that puts a crimp in Exploration. As for the rest - we're going to need to look very closely at operations and availability.

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