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I think this is where a lot of us are with Star Citizen.




This is my fundamental issue with the game ----  " Where CIG gets into trouble is their habit of routinely overpromising and underdelivering with their updates. This isn’t intentionally malicious behavior — there is an unbridled enthusiasm and optimism at the management level that, while sometimes endearing, is terrible for PR. Every time a date for an update is given, they 100% believe they’ll hit that date. And then the date goes by. So they change it up, maybe alter the way they present their schedule. And then that falls down too. It often feels like the only thing CIG is ever on time for is another fundraising opportunity. "


This is it. This is what generates all the frustration and annoyance - Oh and directly after they have failed yet again we get another concept sale for more money - right when we're feeling fed up.

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Well couldn't we say that there is definitely politics involved. Do we even have access to the charts that show the money they have crowdfunded? This whole operation started off with a million dollar goal. They keep reaching these new peaks and they keep promising more and more content and its simply not there. 

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