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Discussion of changes to some ship weapon firing modes by CIG

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In every 3.2.1 PTU patch so far, players must click or pull the trigger to fire every shot. Initially, we were told this was a bug. But today, we found out it is intentional.

This change has a large, negative impact on gameplay. Some weapons, like the M4A, fire more than twice per second. Even slower weapons like the Neutron Cannons fire more than once per second. Having to click exactly every .461 seconds is impossible and extremely aggravating.

Here is a weapon chart to show how often a player must click/pull trigger:
M4A:       .461s
10-Series: .5s
Omni 6:    .6s
NN-14:     .75s

Think of a fleet action where Hornets are trying to take out a Retaliator before it kills their Idris -- every shot and every second counts. In a top tier dogfight, pilots might only have 1-2s of a firing solution. So if they can get over 3 shots instead of 4 using a macro, they'll do that. That's all we are accomplishing here: creating an in-human barrier for entry on dogfighting.


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