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StratoCrewzr Luxuary Reviews

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StratoCrewzr has put a post up on spectrum, i would advise anyone who sees this to go read it, it's pretty long but it is well worth the read.

go upvote his post if you agree with him too.


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To be fair, I kind of regret devoting time to reading it. He is certainly passionate and more articulate than many in his complaint, but there are just so many complaints for the 890J or the 600i it just gets exhausting. Not everyone will get what they envision or want and if CIG devoted itself to listening to every single person and changing at each complaint we would have nothing. I think his real life angle does have some merits, but at the same time this is a game and real life doesn't apply. If in the end some of his ideas like a night club are listened to, there will be people complaining due to wasted space. The whole concept of luxury is so subjective and everyone's imagination different, there can't possibly be everyone satisfied.

600i to me actually is my favourite ship thus far in the universe and is the main ship I will continue to fly (I have flown everything in the test universe). I really love the light open space  and minimalist scheme, it feels a bit like walking around a French Chateau with vaulted ceilings. The cockpit view is breathtaking, I will just go hang in there or in the Captain's quarters to watch the sun come up or set in Daymar. Are the current bugs with it a little annoying sure, but that is alpha and not really complaint worthy as they will be fixed in time. To me the only thing worth noting are the lack of external lights causing gameplay issues. I suspect when we actually get more game systems introduced a lot of the dead weight will become interactive. E.g. the bar/kitchen, there is meant to be hospitality service to passengers and hunger/survival mechanics. Pool tables etc probably get mini games. Overall she ain't a blockade runner, she is reasonably big, sleek and clean. I am loving what I have gotten now. There will probably be changes regarding components armaments, however she isn't a warship and whilst it will probably end up being high end tech, I don't expect a warship. 

I really think instead of the slow steady curve of constructive criticism, that descends into wingding or character questioning statements and making of demands that have to be unrealistically fulfilled  right this second. We need to take a step back, breathe, remember this is an alpha for a very big project and then see what happens. 

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