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Tactical Advance

Drake Interplanetary - Kraken 2948

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They are not a everyday ship. And at the start of the game I don't think we use them much, if at all (first couple months). If we do it be for a reason.


Fuel will be one of the cheapest I think. Because as long as it a area for the starfarer to get gasses to refine in to fuel, we only have to pay for the wear and tear on the starfarer. And the crew pay. 


Cargo ships, well that easy buy doing cargo runs. For other people/NPC's or for us. 

Orion, mining. But it finding the right area for it and keeping it safe as it do it work is the hard part I think. 

Salvage, reclaimers and stuff. finding and ripping stuff apart. 

Exploration. Carrack and stuff. Well I think them people do that stuff, have to settle for selling info to asteroid fields, ship wrecks/salvage and only other stuff people can take advantage off. But if they find a new jump point. They be rich. But they be a lot harder to find. So might have to settle for selling the rest most the time. But knowing and having good commination with the other jobs will help. If you know they are good for the money and they know your info if you say it is good is good. It might save sometime, meaning it harder for people to get there before you. Also might help to know info runners.

Then you have the Crucible. Repairing, but can also do a little refuel and rearm. So can make money fixing all the other groups on the list. And out of the ship should be able to do the best job of it. If they are good at their jobs.

All of them should be easier to pay for/make money with. 


But what will be harder is combat ships. Yes you can do cargo running in them but they are not going to be good at it. Yes they can hold a lot but they are no where as good on fuel and wear and tear might be higher. Also the Crew cost is higher. So a lot more costly to run. 

But a away to get over this in my view is. Run the ship to do escorts across unsafe areas. You have lawful system that might have 1 or 2 unlawful system between them. You have a small fleet, Kraken (say that over the Idris, because it can repair and refuel ships more if you can refuel the on the deck) HH or two, or HH and Polaris. Then the fighters with them. Could even have a Vulcan to help the Kraken in refuel and repair, it can then refill it spare parts and fuel to sell from the Kraken. And the fleet can go from point A to point B, with a 10, 20 or 30 minute turn around time. The turn around time is for repairs that might be needed, changing of crew, restocking of parts and fuel and even changing ships in and out. Also give customers time to group up. 

As we know the start point and end point. We also know when they are leaving and ruff time they should get there. We can work out when to have starfarer ready to refuel, the cargo ready to fill the cargo holds and any crew that want to join know where the start and end points and what times they should be there. But we could have ships ready to refuel and repair customers at them point as well. Meaning other groups in the Org can make extra money out of it. 

The Kraken can have 50% 33% or 25% of it cargo hold giving over to just holding cargo to make money it self. The Polaris as it not repairing customers ships and not restocking the Vulcan can give over a higher % of it cargo space. 


We then charge people for the escort across them systems. We can charge them for fuel and repairs on the way and we can charge them to just have there ship moved across the system on the Kraken (extremely expensive). But it not just cargo ship I think that take you up on it. It salvage, repair, refueling, mining or any ship that just want to cross the them systems in more safety. Giving some of them ship might have a small number of escorts with them. Could also help with the defence and putting people off. As no small band of pirate are going after that fleet. 


Then you might have UEE military mission to defend a area. Or go kill something. I say most Vanduul. But that be more fun and more costly. But should have good payouts if we get good at them. 


58 minutes ago, ziggycooper said:

That raises a good question. How do we plan to operationally support large ships? They will be expensive to run. God only knows how much fuel and operational maintenance will be required to keep these behemoths running.

I put a post forgot to quote you so you see. 

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so so I just got my Kraken, it glitched during purchase and the concierge team just let me buy it so yay. And I’m broke again. I’m curious what the other Kraken Captains are planning to do with theirs? I’m also taking suggestions lol. I will edit tomorrow with what I’ll be planning. 

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