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Updated ship size chart with Kraken

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2 hours ago, FriendCalledFive said:

It has a nice big cargo hold, would suit you Bursar ;)



Problem is, I can carry more with a Hull C ;) As an Industry Base of Operations, the Kraken could be very useful indeed, especially with repair facilities. But I anticipate is costing a lot to run and maintain too. Not convinced i'll need one any time soon, same as Pioneer ;) AND I expect the price to be steep! So it's out of my budget :) It's also about the crew requirements. To much for me to handle in that regard.

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Looking at the size of that javelin makes me want it even more.


Where I think the Kraken might be use full is a base of operation. Say the Org is having a large mining operation somewhere. This ship could support the Prospectors letting them drop off full cargo bags and get more. Also could be a storage for the full bags and a area to fill cargo ship from. At the same time it could support the escorts. 


It could be uses as a cargo ship, for very expensive cargo. If not a very good one. But what it would offer is security and also inconspicuous as a cargo holler. No one going to come over and scan you looking what cargo you have. They be more afraid of getting scanned by you. But it only having large scanner is a down side to the ship. But the fact you can have 8 other ships with you on deck and repair hangars is helpful. 

Even just for escorting Hull E's. The fact it could fill half it cargo hold with cargo to help offset the cost of running it could be helpful. 


Then you have what it could do for the Military and helping move numbers of short range ships. And with about half the fire power of the Javelin (gun not torpedoed) it has ok fire power. Just hoping because of the light armor and lots of big engines it a little faster than the Idris. Not by a huge amount but a little. 

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