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Hi all. I am not that good with this stuff, so thought I ask for help from people that know more about this stuff. So I have some questions and thought I ask to get the opinion off people who know what they are talking about.


Is the price to performance justify the price of the 2080ti over the 2080? (or should I just get a 1080ti) It will be water cooled with a EK block. 


Do you think Star Citizen will be optimized for more cores and be able to use them more affective. I know you will always have one core that have a higher usage. But want to know or have they talked about having it spread over all cores. As some games are limited on how many cores they use and are not that good at spreading the load on the ones they do use. Basically what you think about getting a Threadripper 2950x (or 2920x)?


Or should I just go for a 8 core CPU like a 2700x or 9900k?

I heard the i9 9900k is running over what Intel say it should stock with most motherboards out of the box. So basically OC out the box. Giving higher temps because of the higher voltage. Have anyone got a 9900k and seen that? (not a big problem as long as you have good cooling)


Was think case LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic, Motherboard (that depends on what CPU I get), RAM Corsair Vengeance pro 3200 MHz, GPU (depends at this time), PSU Corsair RM850x, M.2 Samsung 970 EVO, with a extra SSD for all the stuff I don't want on the M.2 and give me a little extra room (Samsung 860 EVO). 


Thanks for any info or tips you can give me. Like I said I don't know much about this stuff, I just use them. Sorry to so long. 

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You're asking some difficult questions.


Both the i9 9900k & the RTX 2080Ti have different issues but both are most likely as a result of being very new.


If you have no budget worries they are the best - still - just. And expect them to get better as the drivers are refined.


9900k currently has a lot of power, which hasnt seen its full potential exploited yet. It also has features that arent used in games either.


RTX 2080Ti has some reports of overheating issues.


AMD is the kind if you have to pay attention to a budget and I dont think that can be argued. It also has a lot of top performers on the RSI website for setups.


Personally I will be waiting. In about 18 months I will replace my current setup and try not to flinch too much at the cost - it will be Intel again, with NVME and whatever the top NVidia card is too.

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8 hours ago, RSLtaken said:

Thanks for the info. Wish I could wait but my computer died the other week. So more of a replacement and if I can fix the old one I have that as a back up/second computer. 


It also depends on what resolution you will be gaming at and what fps your monitor can run. 2700x can handle 60Hz gaming well, but if you want to run games in the 100-144Hz range, a high end Intel is a much better bet. I think the 9900K's run pretty hot. Another alternative is a 8700K, which is 2 less cores, but runs cooler.


You will want fast RAM, 3200, and the lowest CL number you can afford.

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57 minutes ago, RSLtaken said:

Sorry forgot to put the resolution 2560-1440. It is 144hz but it G-sync, so as long as it can stay above 60 FPS I am happy. 


CL? I don't know what that is. 


CL is CAS Latency. I am not an expert on it, but the lower the number the faster the RAM performs. The latest Intels and AMD CPU's are very RAM sensitive, so you need 3200 and a CL of something like 14 or lower for good performance.

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