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My New/Old build (Completed in August)

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So here we have my new computer I built back in August. I am finally getting around to posting pictures etc...


I haven't built a computer for a very long time so its nice to know the skills not dead and I think I came out
the other end with a great gaming rig. So far I have been playing Star Citizen without any hitches and loving it.
The PC is scarily silent in operation even under load and I haven't heard that Noctua cooler break a sweat or strain.
I mean I went looking to see if it was spinning or dead, but sure enough round and round the fan blades go.
It did naturally lead me to checking though to see if the temps were fine, but nothing wrong there just a great machine cooled on air.
I have tried throwing all the games I own at it and its done everything in its stride, overall there is plenty of juice left to upgrade down
the track. That graphics card is second hand from a mate, but no hitches and I think I will hold off until something absolutely amazing
comes out because at present there is nothing that says wow or real advancement and well nothing that I feel needs it. 


Visually, I think I nailed a bit of Origin feeling to my build. I was looking at cases and then of all the cases I went through, WOW! Noctis 450. It's sleek,
a little different,versatile with room to upgrade and some nice case lighting. I think I really liked the Noctis 450 case because it reminded me straight away,

of the origin 600i. I wasn't originally going to build a PC with that in mind, but hey why not. So out the other end, I have a smart looking build.
I guess that factor is a bit important because its sitting in the main area of the apartment.


Has there been any issues? Well only complaint is my Killer E2500 network cards a little temperamental, it will disconnect in
total assembly games or games hosted by steam if I am hosting, but that's fine because there is a second intel network card onboard
and it has no such hitch. In that same sort of vein I guess,  the central M.2 port with the heatsink cover on is a bit temperamental and sometimes doesn't

recognise if it has an M.2 SSD in it. That's easy fixed by using one of the other 3 M.2 ports. SO I think probably the motherboard whilst amazing, might
just be a little bit rough coming either out of the factor or in the post. Overall though I think everything else works fine and I love this build.
Nothing I would send back and nothing even quirky to report other than the motherboard.


I can play Star Citizen on its high settings, record and get good frames. So my main box is ticked. Can I do all my other games, yep box ticked. 


Were to in the future? 1-5 years time, I may consider buying a second SSD probably a 2TB 970 pro, as by then it will be a lot cheaper. 5-10 years time I may consider upgrading the graphics card.


Hehe yes there is still part of me that wishes to have dropped a threadripper 2 in a gaming PC. But that's neither here nor there :)

Anyway, that's all folks! Have a great afternoon and without further adieu here is the specs and some piccies!


Case: NZXT Noctis 450
PSU: EVGA Supernova 850 Watt P2 (Platinum grade efficiency)
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7
CPU: Intel I7 -8700k
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH D-15
RAM: 32G G.Skill Trident Z
Graphics Card: 4G Gigabyte Geforce GTX 970

Hard Drive: 512G Samsung 960 pro SSD M.2
Monitor: Samsung LC32F397WEXXY
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
Network Cards: Killer E2500 and Intel Gigabit LAN - Both are onboard network cards.
Peripherals: Saitek X52 Hotas, Corsair Void RGB headset.

















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Looks great Seb! That cooler is MASSIVE. That case is so sleek, I was [this] close to going with the black version. I think it was that drive cage shield getting too close to triple fan video cards that turned me off. Mostly because I was coming from a case that couldn't fit one. Anyway I can see a few similarities in the build I'm about to put together in the coming months. Good hunting! :)

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