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Chairman club news: Idris-P Upgraded

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November 24th, 2018

This month, our friends at Aegis Dynamics have asked us to pass along another message to Idris-P owners and those amongst our ranks who consider themselves enthusiasts:



The Idris-P's legacy of excellence as an ardent peacekeeper speaks for itself. But sometimes, keeping the peace is not enough.

Aftermarket kits, initially produced for UEE government agencies seeking an improved patrol/protection plan, will be offered to all Idris-P owners.


On Aegis Dynamics' featured day at the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (26th November), all Idris-P owners will be badged and given the opportunity to upgrade at any time, into perpetuity. However, a limited amount of Credit SKUs will be rolled out and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis:


Wave 1 at 16:00 UTC, Wave 2 at 22:00 UTC, and Wave 3 at 04:00 UTC.

For your convenience, we have provided a Q&A regarding the upgrade kits below. Also, look for further details during this year’s Anniversary Special. 

We thank you for your loyalty to the Aegis brand and hope you enjoy testing all 26 of our flyable ships, wherever in the 'verse your journey may take you.

Desmond Kilson
Outreach Associate



Idris-P Aftermarket Kit Q&A

What is the purpose of this Aftermarket Upgrade Kit?
This kit is designed to adjust the role of the Idris-P by providing equipment tailored to dealing with the swarm threat of carrier-type ships. By increasing the Idris-P’s anti-fighter capability, and adding a size 10 weapon, it allows the ship to be more aggressive offensively.


What does the Aftermarket Kit change about my Idris-P?
The equipment in this kit provides three changes: First, all four standard remote turrets can be replaced with the included Automated Behring M2C Point Defense Systems (2x S4 Hardpoints each). Next, a single Missile Turret equipped with two A&R Harrow Anti-Ship Missile Launchers (8x Size 3 Missiles), can be mounted in lieu of a standard Behring M3C ASA Turret. Finally, the kit provides a Size 10 Hurston Dynamics Exodus Laser Beam.


Why beam weapons now?
Beam weapons were originally off the table, but during development, we have been R&Ding different ways to approach them that avoid the traditional gameplay concerns with ‘hitscan’ weapons. We envision beam weapons the same way as analogue guns are to the Gatling guns in the ballistic weapons family: an incredibly high fire rate but generally low damage per ‘shot’, compared to, say, Laser Cannons that deliver a volley of fire rather than a stream. Of course, ‘low’ damage is a relative term when talking about the S10 Exodus.


How will beam weapons compare to energy or ballistic ones?
Beam weapons provide a much quicker projectile, therefore require less maneuvering to keep them trained on a moving target at range - a key benefit when firing from a relatively slow platform like an Idris. Another benefit, like all energy weapons, is the lack of physical ammunition requirements. A useful feature when mission endurance is required.


Does the Kit make my Idris-P more powerful than an Idris-M?
No, the Idris-M is still the best option for destroying big ships; out of the box, the railgun is much more powerful when the shot lands and its power requirements play better with the ship’s other systems. The M also has stronger armor and higher performance default components.


Will I be able to have shields at 100% while firing the Exodus?
The Exodus will require a significant amount of power to fire and it’s unlikely that all ship systems will be able to run at 100% whilst doing so (particularly when fire is sustained).

Will the upgrade influence cargo capacity?
No. The equipment involved in these upgrades does not impinge on the Idris-P’s cargo spaces .


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