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Niles Cornby

Need Advice on Ship Selection

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Hi TA family.  I have been a member a long time but never really contributed much.  Please accept my apologies.  I am really waiting for the game to drop before I start playing heavily and I am glad to be a part of this group.


Here is what I need help with.  I currently own the Starfarer Gemini w/LTI.  Should I upgrade to the 600i?  I ultimately want to be an explorer and that ship looks really nice.  I also love the Gemini though .  I cannot afford both, but I can afford the upgrade from the Gemini to the 600i.


I guess what it comes down to is do you believe one could make enough in game money from the Gemini to afford the 600i in a reasonable amount of time...3-6 months?  I know that answer may be difficult to answer.


Thanks for your advice,



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The Gemini is the military version, as you know. I have the basic one. I have two specific ships in my hanger that will allow me to make money from nothing. Starfarer and Prospector. Assuming you have a game package, be careful what you do with it. Personally I'd take the Prospector any day because you can always find rocks to make money from. As far as Explorers go, We have a Free Fly week going on. Try what you have an interest in, see how they handle. For Exploration I have the Freelancer Dur, smaller, but very capable. The Carrack has also been woken up again too.

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