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Hesitant ship-decision

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I by no means have perfect knowledge, but I'd say keep your merchantman.  Its got a lot more capacity than either of those ships combined for storage, its a lot more ship and you can trade goods open a shop or do  anything that max can do. Mining wise in theory sounds good, it is our current fastest way to make cash, but the scale of trade you can do with the merchantman probably greatly outweighs the cash rate you can make with a prospector. If being able to mine was really your keen need, an orion probably works better even on cargo capacity for those two choices. If it were up to me I would just stick with the merchantman, its unique, a lot more ship, can open a shop, transport a lot more cargo and hell it appears a lot more defensible.

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Difficult one to answer. Currently and I suspect ongoing, cargo running isnt going to give particularly high rewards. As I understand it, at least part of the appeal with a Merchantman is it's ability to house shops and to trade.That mechanic isnt offered elsewhere. To counter argument is we have no idea when the BMM is going to appear. As long at they keep resetting things i'd be inclined to keep what you have. The Max is a great ship, but isnt due until the next patch anyway. While the Prospector is in game now, unless you are actually interested in the mining mechanic, there is little point in picking it up.

IF you could justify it, then getting a Prospector separately would be amusing, or the Max when it appears. Both are useful ships. I'm not convinced I would step down from what you have currently though.

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What game play you are interested in? 


I see you have a Orion and a Aurora MR. So you do have a starter ship, so something you can use day one of the game. I can also see you are interested in mining. 


Prospector and Freelancer MAX will be easier to get in game. In price and finding them for sale. They are good ships and will have you early game. 

BMM is a great ship should have long range and good amount of cargo. Also have a shop you can sell your items at in area you might not have many shop to sell to. So meaning you are the shop and you have no middle man taking a share of the profits.


Prospector and Freelancer MAX are good solo ships. If you don't want to deal with having NPC crew or finding a real crew. BMM will be a great ship for longer runs. Will also save you grinding in game to get one, if you real want one. 


As for the start of the game, I don't mind lending you a medium ship until you have you the money to rent/buy one in game. I also think a lot of other people will do the same. 



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