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Current State of Pu

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Well in the last couple of weeks I have managed to lose around 260k ish. This is all down to Server Instability and crashes. 3.3 was way more stable and predictable. Currently I can see no benefit of even playing in the PU when it is so bad. I will be awaiting the return of staff from their Christmas break in the fervent hope they can give the servers a damn good thrashing and get some consistent level of game play back. I even had the joy today of flying to Daymar and within 10 seconds of picking up some cargo, the game crashed - again. I'm not prepared to put up with this level of abuse so I will game elsewhere until things improve.


When our own Team Speak Server is also back online consistently, I will try to be there too ;)

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11 hours ago, Mekanikol said:

I've not found many issues with stability, to be honest.  I play on US servers (I'm in the US) and rarely have trouble.


 Good call :) Thanks. I was going to the "Best" Server. I suspect European. Spent about 3 hours solidly on the US server and seems fine right now.

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