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Flight pedals(rudder)

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Hi all


Currently I'm burrowing a joystick to play star citizen and can't go back to keyboard and mouse. So looking at getting a Hotas.


Just want to know if anyone in the org using flight pedals with theirs hotas. Would you recommend getting them?



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19 minutes ago, RSLtaken said:

What hotas do you have and have you thought about getting two sticks. I know a lot of people have two T1600M's. 



Currently using logitech extreme 3D.


Was thinking of getting the T-16000M FCS Flight Pack.


Can get it also without the flight pedals for half the price. So just wondering if they worth it.


My mind is split between dual sticks and throttle with stick.

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Hi , I’m using t1600m fro left stick and thrusmaster warthog on the right. Recently bought some pedals , but so far not been able to map them . 


Cant beat dual sticks for immersion for space combat . ( in my opinion :)) . Let hope the new flight model makes it a more viable option . 

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Quick answer: depends on the budget. I have pedals, stick and throttle and I think they are way superior (more buttons and axis, for instance). Anyway, in the end of the day it's up to you.

Whatever the configuration, I'd buy Virpil or VKB. If you can't or don't want to spend then go for Thurstmaster, the TWCS is a decent product for instance. Just don't buy Saitek, it's rubbish. I know things are changing after the acquisition but madcatz has done damages, plenty of them. The Warthog is decent but the gimbals are quite bad unfortunately.


After those HOTAS+Pedals or 2xStick, Track IR (or cheaper / DIY alternatives) is the next step. It's simply a must, much more important than a mid range hotas.


I have a thread about my setup here if you have questions. I'm going to update it sooner or later (getting ready for F/A-18 and F-14! :)):


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Update: so I got last Friday two T.16000M sticks and using Buzz killer keybindings with small changes to fit me. 

Notice much improvement keeping track and staying on enemy ships tails. Just need to practice more to get my aiming better. 


Only issue I have is with the left stick is when I push forward. I tend to strafe left or right as well. 

I did adjust the sentifity and created a artificial dead zone in the target software, but it still happens. Hopefully after some more practicing I can learn my left hand to stop leaning to one side when pushing forward. 

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