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CIG go after Crytek for legal costs - $2 million

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Looks more like Crytek are going after CIG as Crytek are the plaintiff in the document....



Nevermind, I should have read the whole thing first 😂


That'll be a nice boost in cash for development ;)

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So they are asking for a $2.1 million bond for if Crytek losses they cant do a runner. Don't mean CIG will get it 100% even if they win. But means if CIG do win they can go after it and Crytek cant claim they don't have the money to pay after. Because we all know Crytek needs money that why they are doing it and them odds of them going in to receivership or going bankrupt is high.


But I think it just as much about peeing them off. Crytek don't have large amounts of spare money. So might have to take a loan or other forms of investment that could cost them more and more over time. As this could drag on for months or even a year or two. That a lot of money for them to have tied up for a long time and a lot of interest payments if they do have them to make.

If they have to get a loan for that money and they have it over 50 years at 1% interest rate, that $1,750 just in interest every month. If because of their crappy track record they have to pay 2% interest that $3,500 every month. meaning they are not going to want to drag it out for ever hoping CIG has enough and give up and give them money to go away. 


 Because at the end of this Crytek might win. But even if they do win they still might not get anything. So they had 2.1 million held in that bind for months or years for nothing. If they loss they risk losing that money, and if they had to find investment to get that money face having to find a away to pay it back on top. 

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