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I think CIG did say they are doing Vulkan. The Vega 64 is a good card, great for the money. But do not base everything off one game. As it might be closer in other games. As the 2080 ti had a 29 FPS drop in performance going from DX11 to Vulkan, I hold them number with a grain of salt. Might be Nvidia card are just that bad with Vulkan at this time. Or could be that game was made to run as good as it can on that hard wear used in AMD cards, affecting how it might run on other cards. 


Would like to see the 2k number and what number you get on DX12 if the game supports that. Also when No man sky Vulkan support comes out of beta you can see the FPS numbers in that. But Vulkan is meant to be good, more games that take it up. The more Nvidia will be forced to improve drivers for it. So I see that 20% gap with 2080 and Vega 64 being a lot less to about even. So still getting 2080 performance for a couple hundred cheaper not bad. 

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Hope CIG do and I think they will, as Chris will want it running as good as he can get it on everything. From what I under stand a lot of game are optimized for both but one a little more than the other. But that could because a lot of reasons. They had more one type of card because X reason so just got optimized because more people at the company was using it. They had backing from one of the companies so spent just that little long working on that company cards or got a little more help from that company on the best ways of optimizing for their cards. Better driver support for that game. What engine the game is based off might help one card or the other a little. But in the real word it probably a little of everything. 


I do think everyone should be ok AMD or Nvidia, RTX or Vega. Unless the new cards come out next year and have a 100% jump in performance and CIG want to use all that again, then I think we all need to buy new card. But that not going to happen. 

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