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CitizenCon 2949 - ARE YOU GOING? (2019)

Are you going?  

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Are you going let us know below


CitizenCon 2949

On the 23rd of November 2019 CitizenCon, Cloud Imperium annual convention event is coming to the UK!

This Event is Star Citizens main event of the year with each year being more action packed, more details of upcoming milestones and genuinely more spectacular than the CitizenCon before it.


Each CitizenCon has been held in the city of the studios working on the game with:

2943 CitizenCon held in Austin USA

2944 CitizenCon held in Los Angeles USA

2945 CitizenCon held in Manchester UK

2946 CitizenCon held in Los Angeles USA

2947 CitizenCon held in Frankfurt DE

2948 CitizenCon held Austin USA

2949 CitizenCon about to be held in Manchester Central Convention Complex in the UK


Click on any of the links above to see those events but the key thing to take away here is the locations. Obviously with Star Citizen being developed in 2 cities in the US there is more opportunities to to see the event if you live there whereas for people in the UK or DE the frequency is not as much.

CitizenCon 2949 looks to be an amazing event with not only the Key note address but panels to visit, developers to question, the game to test and goodies to collect so there has never been a better time to take part in one of these events.


Details of the event:

23rd November 2949 & starts at 10am (or 2019 if you don't have a Cryo pod)

Manchester Central Convention Complex - map

With a ton of hotels and parking options available there is no reason not to visit and another good reason to attend.... meeting Org mates!

So with the event coming to the UK a number of the Tactical Advance Org members are preparing to meet at the event and put faces to names and hang out and make it a truly great night to remember.
So if you want to get involved and meet up for one of Star Citizens biggest days of the year, pop your handle on this thread and lets get a list together more details of the meet up to take place once we are closer to the event...


I'm going...

are you? 

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