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Back from the dead... new avatar ingame though.

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hello i have been here quite some time.

and i left the verse for quite some time as well.... about a year or so.

had a lot of ships , but decided to cancel the whole thing (gaming)

but now i'm getting and having my life back on track again ... its time to come back.

this time id like to get one ship .. yes just one ship.


I'm looking for the DRAKE KRAKEN.


does anyone know some one that has one for sale somewhere ?

please send me a mail if you do.

can/will pay in cash ... no problemo


best regards , M van der Decken

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i do it was a very very weird sale ... you had to write them why you wanted one and be selected ....  and even then there where only 3 waves of sales where the last wave was one for all and for store credits possible.

and that sale made me furious at the time and and got me to quit.

but since then my life went to s**t as i stopped gaming all together ,  and now im revising my life and i know that i need to do what makes me happy.

MMO gaming makes me happy so going for it.

though not 16 ships with a 4500 dollar ... but just one ship i want .. the kraken... and some fighters to fill up the decks of course .

i'm going to think about it the next 2 weeks.

seller i found told me its no hurry.


but of course it is not a easy decision .... he asks 1997 euro for it......   and is not little money.

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I like the ship, I have one (not for sale). I think it be a great ship in game. Not only for combat, but support ship for mining, salvage or most things. Them medium landing pads and two repair bays will give a lot more flexibility than the Idris. 


What ships you thinking of putting on it? 

You do know people probably have their own ships they can take. So you don't have to fill it. 

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Well i don't want to go to far into it.

but lets say i have a new account, and i'm back in the game.

downloading as i type.

will have to redo some ships but will have to research which ones are best to put on this mammoth.

what will fit on the landing pads, what will fit in the 2 hangers, what will fit in the dragonfly bay's, what will fit in the spare parts storage hanger and what i can drive in to the ground bay hanger.

will certainly want some way of medical thing on board, for the rest it will be fighting power and maybe 1 that can blast a EMP out.

need to do more research in that , a lot ... lot new ships came out in the time i was out.

will melt some, will sell some and will upgrade some.


Community members can't send messages i just noticed, will soon update my profile here.

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Always an option to just earn ships in game.... but of course if you buy ships with cash, thanks for supporting the development of Star Citizen.

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