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How do I become a full member

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Hi Tac,


 I originally signed up here on the forum, then on the RSI site.


EnlistedFeb 12, 2014

UEE Citizen Record #388737

Handle nameAnglerFish

Vice Admiral


When I follow that link above it send me to RSI TA, then go to 'register on our website,' the landing screen just talks about teamspeak. "say hello" and "download the TS client." I already have TS and there's no details about becoming a member. There's 4 steps according to the background image and I've already done 3 (RSI website.) 


Slightly confused as I've been a community member on this forum for many years now and now I'd like to become a full member. I suppose as long as I'm a member on the RSI that's good enough at this point, I can keep comms open on discord and TS. 


Cheers for the help :)





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