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Mattsonic Freshly started Streaming on Twitch and soon also Youtube

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hey there fellow citizens.


I started streaming now i have a great gaming PC and can run the game as i always wanted.

highest setting and fluid.

And now i can really start playing the game and send out some news, opinions, game play, role play, shenanigans and what not.:clown::-o


My streaming channel name is MATTSONIC on TWITCH & YOUTUBE.

Currently i also do a 10 x star citizen ship give away.:million:

Upon follower count 100, 200, 300 and so on up to 1000 followers on TWITCH please feel free to check out my channel and hit the follow button .....

YOUTUBE i wanted to a similar give away but is sadly not possible as i can't see all sub's there but only the last 90 day's and accounts that have visuability turned of can't be seen at all. :million:


So please feel free to check out my CHANNEL MATTSONIC and hit the FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE buttons ..... This way you wont miss out on anything.:pirate:

The winners at each give away will be pronounced in the FIRST video after reaching the goal set out for them






I'm very serious in building my channels up, and can really use any support in any kind of way.

Of course ill love you forever ...  kissy kiss lol....  no but seriously ill love you.....really ?:wacky:


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