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So you think you are a captain?

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Just wanted to put this out there in this days when ship buying is at its peak.


If you buy a ship in star citizen you are the owner and captain of that ship or whatever title you wanna have.

When you join the org you are a recruit, apprentice maybe trainee. Owning a ship doesn't give you any form of advance in this org.

So if you want to rank up in Tactical Advance you should be active. By active I mean hanging on Teamspeak, create events, share information and help people in the org.

This doesn't have to be in just star citizen, you can create events in other games that we play together.


You should also know that you do not have to be an officer in the org to lead an event, not now not in the future.

A short summary on what the ranks in the org does


Director- Decides what direction his/her division is taking

Vice Director- Right hand of the director

Counselor- Gives information and advice to the director in his dedicated department.

Officer- In his/her best effort sees to it that the directors path is followed with the best possible outcome.

Member- Available and able to contribute in what manner the member sees fit.


Now let's come to the point whether you are a captain or admiral or just a trainee.

As a member you can apply for a position on a mission, say captain, pilot, engineer, medic, private, comando etc, all decided on what the event needs and what you want to do.


You might be asked by the org to contribute your ship or ships for an event if it is needed and if you want to.

The Org is going to set ranks for each position, this gives you an opportunity to develop your skills and contribute to the different events.


If you want to do events outside the org you are free to do so, however you will only ranked up when doing org missions or events (this may change in the future). 

Just want to add two more things if you are a member and want to do a event, tell an officer in the dedicated division and they might sanction it as an org event this will allow the opportunity for training and ranks.  


Secondly don't feel pressured to buy a lot off expensive ships as we already have a lot of ships in the org and a lot of spaces for crew. 


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