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Tactical advance Space Engineers Dedicated Server is a fact

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Welcome to our Official Tactical Advanced Space Engineer server thread.

I am Rodrom. Server Admin. I like to invite all organisation members that are intrested in playin space engineers to our humble server.

How to get on here you say?

Ether Add rodrom to your steam friends list Or Join the steam group "Rodrom Gaming"
After getting accepted to the Steam group do the following

Steam launcher:
Top Menu: View ---> Servers ---> Favorites then Add Server

Tactical Advanced Dedicated Server:

If you encounter any problems with the server or any members on the server:
feel free to contact me on Teamspeak or through mail: Rodrom82@gmail.com

If you feel uncomfortable contacting me personally you can throw allways message to our leadership.

- Respect the work of others: If you break something. please fix it again or contact rodrom/owner to help you. Accidents can happen.
- No turret weapons allowed yet: Since the introduction of factions we seen a few time that turrets rip Non same factions blocks apart. Causing loss of ships/ materials.
- User controlled weapons can be used in consensual combat or just for show(no ammo). All combat needs to be well away of player owned structures(P.O.S.) (max range of bullets is 10k) Also keep in mind Player build missiles have unlimited range and can potentially hit POS
- Don't build on the Base Asteroids. They are there for future community use.
- Trolling and disrespecting fellow members is not allowed. Breaking this rule will always result in a server ban. And Extend to the Organization
- The are 2 small construction ships available 1 Welding ship + 1 grinding ship. feel free to use them. But put them back on there designated location when finished.
- Resources are there for the community. Make sure you keep this in mind and don't hoard them for personal use only. You can Always add to the resource trough mining or recycling ships.

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I moved our server to a new hosting.

Before we where at www.buygamingservers.com Since we had such a big overal downtime and on top very maintenance heavy, I desided to move the hosting to www.pingperfect.com.

Howto get on our server? Read below

To join us on the TA Space Engineers server
Join the steamgroup "Rodrom Gaming"
After getting accepted

open the steam launcher. At the top menu go.

View -> Servers -> Favorites then Add Server

Tactical Advanced Dedicated Server:

Any problems with the server or members on the server:


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