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Eve Online

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Love it? :P

Hate it? :evil:

Reading the "introduce yourself", I know there are lots of active or former Eve players in the TA community. The game gets a bad rep, but I actually enjoy it. I have been playing for 14 months now and still haven't come close to finding new things to learn and try in the game. I know they say the game is full of jerks and trolls, but I've managed to find a really cool group of people to work with in the game and I think I might be lucky in that. That said - trust is a precious commodity in Eve so I'm not going to give out my character names or my corp name just yet...

So... If you like Eve - why don't you use this thread to "out" yourself. Tell us:
1. Why you like it
2. How long you've been playing
3. What you like to do in the game
4. What you would LIKE to do in the game...

I'll go first:
1. The game is complex, and unforgiving. The game forces you to look at blogs to learn what the eff is going on. Also it is too complicated to learn all the ins and outs on your own so you have to be patient and find people who can sort of help you get started. People who you can ask "Is this a good idea?" Because you will totally get blown to hell if you do the wrong stuff.
2. I made my first character (I have a few alts) in May 2013.
3. I like to trade on the markets, I also like to run incursions (Eve PVE large fleet Raids) and I also have some operations going on in Wormhole space
4. I'm just getting ready to get big time into crafting and also we are getting ready to upscale our wormhole operations or failplode failtacularly

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Played 7 years went past the point of complexity for me. Became more like work than game. If they would have left it more like Red Moon Rising, I would still be there.

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Resurrecting a thread from the abyss....

Eve was introduced to me as spreadsheets in space.... The person was not wrong. Anyway here we go with question time: 

1. Why you like it?

It is enjoyable enough playing that I still appear to be doing it :).  I am testing bits and pieces out  and trying to find a niche that I like doing. 

2. How long you've been playing?

2-3 weeks.

3. What you like to do in the game


I thought I was going to like the industrial side of things but as an alpha clone you are pretty limited to what skills you can have and competing with the big boys who undercut you is a bit hard. I do however like the market mechanics. PVE has been growing on me, but exploring has been my main area of play. Playing little minesweeper like minigames and going on adventures has been pretty cool.

I do like the different nations space ship design. Albeit more in the sense there are a few ships in each that make me go wow that is really damn cool. Ones like the Astro... Arbitrator gives me Star Trek vibes.... Naga gives me Star Lancer vibes.

4. What you would LIKE to do in the game...


Its in a pretty cool sci fi setting. The complexity is like playing a paradox game, with the depth they have taken mechanics to. Overall this gives me something new to pass time while Star Citizen fleshes out.

Im adding a 5. What don't you like?
Damn Trigs while being a newbie mining in high sec. One minute you are peacefully mining in your venture as your eyes glaze over... The next minute your backside is over the other end up the universe in tiny pieces.

Tutorial is a bit empty.... I found the wikis about the tutorials more educational and have mainly learnt the game off the web or other players.

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