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Tactical Advance began with the vision of building the best organisation in the Star Citizen universe. Our mission is not a slogan, it is a driving motivation. Our promise is not just a selling point, it is an inspiration to commit. We do not use the number of members we have to recruit, we use the quality of our membership to convince people.

This organisation has suffered growing pains like any other community of its kind. But we have emerged each time smarter, stronger and better equipped to handle the challenges of managing a large organisation bent on being the best in its field. Our structure has been refined, our resolve has been solidified and our future has been made bright like the stars we will be first to discover.

We have grown from a Star Citizen organisation of theory-crafting and genuine interest in a hope-inspiring space sim; into a thriving and active community of gamer's that have rallied around an idea. We are here to have fun and enjoy a shared experience through gaming.

Tactical Advance is the Org’s Chairman and Founder (we call him “Tac”). The Org was started in early 2014 as a way for fans and supporters to get together and prepare for the monumental task of becoming the best organisation in Star Citizen. Today we are 1,000 full members strong and growing and there truly is something for everyone here. We have come a long way, to be sure, but our story is far from over…come and join us in writing the coming chapters!

Any of our Staff will be able to help as well, join our Teamspeak 24/7 and we can take care of you.

TS IP Adress:
TS pass: tac1
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